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ModBus RS485 class A LoRaWAN master sensor - NKE Watteco

  • Reference: 50-70-080

The LoRaWAN ModBus RS485 master sensor allows to collect data from industrial field equipments in ModBus RTU protocol on RS485 port.


Use of the LoRaWAN ModBus RS485 class A master sensor

- collect data from up to 10 ModBus devices; read up to 16 consecutive registers; optimise the frame to retrieve all data at once if possible.
- Modify the behaviour of the ModBus device by writing to its registers.
Sensor characteristics

Sensor characteristics

    LoRaWAN™, Class A ( also exists in class C to report in quasi real time a ModBus order to the addressed equipment)
    Management of all the variables (read and write) of a ModBus (or JBus) slave.
    Interface: 1 ModBus (or JBus) master input.
    Autonomy: at least 10 years.
    Parameterisation: 1 report of 4 bytes every hour (configurable).
    Energy: Changeable battery supplied on stand
    HMI: ILS and LED visible with the lid closed.
    On-board antenna.
    Protection suitable for industrial environments IP55.

Data sheet

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