• Capteur étanche de comptage impulsionnel et mesures analogiques Toran’O AtEx zone 1 LoRaWAN - NKE Watteco
Capteur étanche de comptage impulsionnel et mesures analogiques Toran’O AtEx zone 1 LoRaWAN - NKE Watteco zoom_in

Sensor for remote reading of pulse meters and analog measurement Toran’O - AtEx zone 1 - LoRaWAN - NKE Watteco

  • Reference: 50-70-150

The Toran'O AtEx zone 1 IP68 sensor is used to report changes of state, pulse counting values ​​and analog measurements of equipment in an AtEx 1 sensitive area such as water, gas, electricity or water meters. thermal energy, mechanical pressure switches, pressure transducers. The sensor does not require any physical connection; its data is sent over a private LoRaWAN radio network (requires a LoRaWAN gateway) or operated (requires a subscription). It can be used in a temporarily submersible area.



- In an explosive atmosphere, the index values ​​of gas, electricity, water or heat meters having a Pulse output are raised. Monitoring of the load curve.
- Leak, fraud and tearing detection (3 entries).
- Status report on mechanical pressure switches placed in sensitive areas of GRTgaz sites.
- Associated with a pressure probe, measurements on the gas network.

Features of the waterproof pulse counting sensor and Toran’O analog measurements

LoRaWAN®, Class A.
Easy to install and use.
Differential data compression.
IP68 protection (waterproof to more than one meter for 1 hour; usable in temporarily submersible area; connection outside the submersible area)
Up to 8 years of battery life.

AtEx zone 1 certification
-Ex II 2 G
-Ex ib IIB, IIC T4 Gb
-Ex ib IIIC T135 ° C Db
--20 ≤ Tamb ≤ + 50 ° C

-3 configurable S0 inputs for pulse counting and / or status report, frequency 1-100 Hz.
- 1 Analog input: 4-20 mA.
- 2 analog inputs: 0-5 Volts
- 1 stabilized power supply output: 5 VDC

Battery life: at least 10 years.
Parameter setting: 1 measurement and 1 transmission per day (configurable).
Energy: Changeable SAFT LS17500 Lithium battery supplied on a support.
HMI: ILS and LED visible with the cover closed.
Embedded antenna.

Intrinsic safety parameters; 4-20mA:
- Uo = 18.9V, Io = 91mA, Po = 430mW,
- Co = 1.6uF [IIB], Co = 262nF | IIC], Lo = 17mH [IIB],
- Lo = 4mH [IIC].
Intrinsic safety parameters; 0-5V:
- Uo = 6.51V, Io = 67mA, Po = 108mW,
- Co = 500uF [IIB], Co = 22uF | IIC], Lo = 33mH [IIB],
- Lo = 8mH [IIC].
Intrinsic safety parameters; S0:
- Uo = 6.33V, Io = 33uA, Po = 23uW,
- Co = 650uF [IIB], Co = 28uF | IIC], Lo = 1H [IIB], Lo = 1H [IIC].
- Ui = 25V, Ii = 450mA, Ci = 3.3nF, Li = 0H

Operating temperature -20 to +50 ° C

EN, 61000-4-2,
EN 300-220-1 V2-4-1,
EN 301 489 V1-6-1,

Data sheet

  • Type of sensor

    Pulse meter
    Status report