• Capteur d'intensité électrique Intens'O LoRaWAN- NKE Watteco
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Intens'O LoRaWAN- NKE Watteco electrical intensity sensor

  • Reference: 50-70-098

You dream of checking the rate of use of your machines, of verifying their good functioning, the INTENS'O sensor is for you.
It measures the intensity of the electric current thanks to its amperometric clamp and determines the state of the equipment in relation to a configurable current threshold. The data is then transmitted over a public or private LoRaWAN™ radio network.



This sensor will measure the electrical current measured in a power cable (AC power) and transmit this data over a private or operated LoRaWan network.

You configure alert thresholds to be informed in case of machine stoppage for example.
This sensor is ideal for detecting malfunctions on machines, street lights, escalators, lifts, motors and so on, and allowing you to act quickly in case of problems.

Features of the Intens'O LoRaWAN electrical current sensor

LoRaWAN™, Class A
Easy to install and use
Remote current clamp (opening torus)

Measurements at regular intervals

More than 10 years of autonomy depending on configuration
Delivered with a 9mm opening toroid on a 3m long cable
AC current monitoring in the range 0 to 20Amps; 110 to 380V AC range
Up to 7 configurable levels from 1.5A
Energy: Changeable battery supplied on stand

Data sheet

  • Type of sensor

    Electrical current AMP.