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LoRaWAN battery charge and usage monitoring sensor - NKE Watteco

  • Reference: 50-70-141

This sensor makes it possible to remotely monitor the consumption and the state of a battery.



- Monitoring of the charging voltage and current intensity of a 12V, 24V, 48V battery.
- Warning on crossing of the low voltage threshold.

Features of LoRaWAN Battery Monitoring Sensor

Interface: 2 inputs: 0-100mVolts and 0-60Volts available on cables supplied pre-wired; length 1.5m
1 analog input for voltage measurement:
- 0-60V range,
- protection against overvoltages> 60Volts,
- measurement accuracy - / + 60mV,
- 14 mV resolution.
1 analog input for voltage measurement on shunt
- range 0-100 mV,
- Galvanic isolation,
- measurement accuracy - / + 1mV in the range,
- 1mV resolution.
Energy: changeable battery on support, 9-24V external power supply, common ground.
IP65 housing 92x92x55mm (protection against water jets from a lance)
Supplied with 1 separate 1.5 meter cable, for external power, 20-26 AWG section strands.
Shunt not provided
On-board antenna
Possible options IP68 waterproof case and remote antenna

Data sheet

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