• Pre-order the Lorawan Kerlink Wirnet iStation HNT Light Miner outdoor gateway - delivery from Oct. 2021 Kerlink - 1
  • The Wirnet iStation is an  operator- grade outdoor LoRa gateway that offers  4G connectivity .
Pre-order the Lorawan Kerlink Wirnet iStation HNT Light Miner outdoor gateway - delivery from Oct. 2021 Kerlink - 1 zoom_in Pack

Pre-order the Lorawan Kerlink Wirnet iStation HNT Light Miner outdoor gateway

  • Reference: PACK381920

This pack contains

The Kerlink Wirnet iStation HNT (Helium Light Miner Gateway) is designed for outdoor use (IP67 protection) and to operate in temperatures between -40°C and +60°C. It can transfer data from 1 to 1000 LoRaWAN connected sensors to an Ethernet network (RJ45) or via the 4G cellular network (with 2G or 3G fallback). It incorporates Helium's LongFi technology, which combines the LoRaWAN wireless protocol with Helium's blockchain, so that any LoRaWAN sensor can transfer its data over the Helium network.
It is supplied here with its POE power supply, via the Ethernet cable.


Main features : The LoRa outdoor gateway

Operator class box (IP67) for industrial use
Supported free bands: 863-874.4 MHz (EMEA, India), 902-928MHz (North America), 915-928MHz (APAC, Latin America)
Supported LoRaWAN® regional parameters: EU863-870, IN865-867, RU864-870, US902-928, AU915-928, AS923, KR920-923
8 Rx channels (125 kHz, multiple scattering factor) + 1 Rx channel (250 KHz or 500 kHz, mono scattering factor) + 1 RX channel (FSK) to get 10 RX channels + 1 TX channel
Link connectivity: global 4G module with 3G / 2G and Ethernet plug-in (RJ45)
With the help of energy:
PoE (injector, switch, ...), both in A mode and in B mode (802.3af specifications)
+/- 48VDC via RJ45 (isolated power supply)
A high security device based on the security of the hardware core.

Differentiating elements

 High performance, reliability and robustness

Operator quality with excellent heat dissipation
Semtech Reference Design Components v1.5. Secure HW and SW architecture
SecureBoot (signed firmware)
SecureStorage (keys and certificates in a secure area) using the ProvenCoreTM solution
Secure links and backhaul protection (OpenVPN / IPsec)
Restart (watchdog) and restore the previous settings (or factory settings if the boot problem is not resolved).

The iStation of the Kerlink brand is based on LoRaWAN technology , it allows to accelerate the return on investment in the deployment of the network.

Specifications and technical details:

Sniffer for LBT (Listen Before Talk)
Integrated rejection filters
Sensitivity of -141 dBm (SF12)
TW power: configurable from 5 dBm) 27 dBm
Operating ranges: -40 ° to + 60 ° C
Humidity: 95%.
Size: 265 x 165 x 100 mm
Weight: 1.4kgs (mounting kit included)
Compatible with spectrum analysis
Backup batteries for a clean shutdown of applications in case of a power failure
IP67 housing
CPU: ARM A9 crust
8 GB and MMC (6 GB available for user applications)

Software features:

Hardware and software security system (SecureBoot, OpenVPN / IPsec)
Backup in case of loss of connectivity
Programmable gateway in Python2, C / C ++ and Shell
Ability to embed a LoRa SPN V2.0 Network Server

The Node-RED programming interface is available through Kerlink's SPN solution which can be incorporated into the Wirnet iStation.

Data sheet

  • Frequency

    868 Mhz


  • Configuration - Kerlink hotspot Helium - Configuration réseau