List of products by brand Milesight IoT

Milesight is an Asian manufacturer specialising in sensors and gateways for LoRAWAN IoT networks.

Founded in 2011, Milesight is an IoT solutions provider committed to delivering the highest value services and technologies. Based on video surveillance, Milesight extends its value proposition to the IoT and communications industries, with Internet of Things communication, and artificial intelligence technologies at its core. Through a global network of distributors and system integrators in more than 120 countries and regions, Milesight delivers its products and services in complete solutions with the hope of connecting the physical and digital worlds together to take AIoT intelligence to the next level.

Milesight officially expanded its footprint from video surveillance to the AIoT and communications industries through the merger with Ursalink and Yeastar in December 2020. The combination aims to create an unparalleled product portfolio and empower the next generation of smart solutions with the value of AIoT.

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